About Me

Freelance Photographer
I am Saiful Islam, a Software Engineer by profession, I'm from BANGLADESH. I took photography as a hobby and entered the world of photography in 2014. In fact, even I didn't get any inspiration from anyone, in the beginning, I used to like artistic pictures on Facebook, so I gave photography a thought. Next, I started following a lot of people who are connected to it.

I used to take all kinds of pictures from the beginning. My favorite categories of photography are lifestyle, travel, documentary, portrait, nature, etc. Now I am doing a project, maybe someday I will be able to present it in front of everyone.

I always like to spend my time with people from several networks, both socially identified and not. I always look forward to learning something new, meeting new people, and know them. I always wanted to do something for the people who couldn't keep pace with this fast-forward world. Their culture and lifestyle are some of my favorite subjects in front of the lens. 

Moreover, I would love to represent my country through the backward population because they are holding the authentic culture of our country.

My message for new photographers is that you're requested not to misuse, waste, or disturb nature and subject.