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About Me

Freelance Photographer

I am Saiful Islam, a Software Engineer by profession, I'm from BANGLADESH. I took photography as a hobby and entered the world of photography in 2014. In fact, even I didn't get any inspiration from anyone, in the beginning, I used to like artistic pictures on Facebook, so I gave photography a thought. Next, I started following a lot of people who are connected to it.

I used to take all kinds of pictures from the beginning. My favorite categories of photography are lifestyle, travel, documentary, portrait, nature, etc. Now I am doing a project, maybe someday I will be able to present it in front of everyone.

I always like to spend my time with people from several networks, both socially identified and not. I always look forward to learning something new, meeting new people, and know them. I always
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Some of My Recent Photos

Photography is my passion and I love to turn ideas into beautiful things.